Vehicle Assignment & Walkaround Checks

Using a phone or tablet, drivers can get instant access to a full history of vehicle checks, vehicle details, service history and any existing faults, all whilst at the roadside.

DVSA Earned Recognition

Streamline your vehicle assignment and daily walkaround checks

Accessible from any device
Eliminate paper-based driver checks
Vehicle assignment
Customisable for different vehicles
Upload images and videos
Records distance traveled
Set marking codes for failed checks
Notify technicians of defects
Links directly to Accelerator

Ensure your vehicles are DVSA compliant

Carrying out daily walkaround checks ensure that your vehicles are of the highest safety standard. It’s now much easier with our Daily Walkaround Check Module.

Driver can assign their own vehicle from any fleet pool and complete their mandatory drivers’ checks. It also allows them to assign trailers as they are used and record mileage and conditions. 

Defects previously reported and outstanding can also be viewed and rechecked and new ones added including a more serious Vehicle Off Road (VOR) status. This will be flagged up in both the main Accelerator service desk and to the Fleet manager on their device. Reports and emails can be initiated if required.

The app also provides roadside information about any aspect of the assigned vehicles and gives you a full audit trail of your walkaround checks.

Do you want peace of mind that your drivers are completing their driver checks?

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