Accelerator for

Workshop Management

With our workshop management software you can make sure that every job is completed on time with complete traceability of all stock and parts fitted.



Increase Profitability

We understand that maximising fleet uptime and keeping your fleet on the road is crucial. With over 25 years of experience, Accelerator has been built from feedback from our customers.

Full Stock Management

Our workshop management software allows your company to achieve the perfect balance of compliance and regulation ensuring you can meet DVSA & FORS requirements.

Direct Account Links

With our Go Mobile web application you can control all aspects of your fleet from your phone or tablet. Get instant online access to your vehicle information from anywhere, anytime.

Full Traceability

Want peace of mind that your drivers are completing their driver checks? Accelerator doesn't just eliminate paperwork and save you time. It also monitors whether your driver has got out of their cab and walked around their vehicle through the use of GPS.

Unlimited Reports

Our comprehensive dashboards give you instant access to your vital fleet information from anywhere. Get information on vehicles defects, outstanding defects, vehicles awaiting parts and VOR statuses.

Stay In Control

With our Go Mobile web application you can control all aspects of your fleet from your phone or tablet. Get instant online access to your vehicle information from anywhere, anytime.                                                                               

Accelerator for Workshops

Accelerator has been designed to make you more money. Our Workshop management software has not only been developed for the commercial single site workshop owner but it is ideal for multi-site service centres. Accelerator allows your company to provide the best possible customer service whilst maximising throughput, improving cash flow, increasing profitability, and controlling costs.
Accelerator Laptop
Remote Technician

Are you a workshop manager wanting to improve efficiency?

Accelerator is a total information system that includes a suite of vehicle detail screens and full document links. It schedules and organises all vital defects, test and inspection compliance information in a form that meets VOSA requirements. 

It will record and monitor all parts and labour costs per vehicle providing comprehensive reporting of fuel usage, external servicing, accidents and annual tax and insurance costs to ensure the lowest cost per mile can be analysed and achieved.

Workshop Management Features

      • Vehicle & customer search
      • Service desk & diary
      • Job cards for technicians
      • Standard jobs & estimates
      • Complete vehicle job history
      • Service reminders, MOT’s etc
      • Defects and inspections
      • Batch timesheets
      • Full stock module
      • One-off parts and kits
      • Parts purchase order
      • Goods in and returns
      • Job costs and profits
      • Split & merged invoicing
      • Parts counter sales
      • Workshop report suite
      • Direct accounts links
    Workshop Technician
    Workshop Fitter

    Take control of your workshop

    Accelerator is a commercial system designed to make you more money, ensure that every reminder, defect or inspection fault is dealt with on time and whenever a vehicle is booked in.

    Job sheets and estimates are created in seconds with pre-set price bands for labour and parts mark up. Invoices can be generated and posted as soon as the job is done. Instant one-click trace-ability of all stock and parts fitted with full technician time sheet recording, make sure you can respond instantly to queries about vehicle servicing, parts or warranty history and find out what was done when and by who.

      Your whole workshop in your pocket

      Our Go Mobile module can be used for recovery work, remote site maintenance and on-site workshop activities. Technicians can add new vehicles, set up new jobs, add job details including faults and corrective actions and their own time-sheets all from their mobile or tablet.

      Workshop managers can set up new jobs and work assignments to individual technicians in the Accelerator main system and these will appear instantly on the appropriate technician’s device.

    Remote Technician

    Workshop software that works for you


    What do our customers think about Accelerator?

    Steve Gilboy

    APM Commercials

    By introducing Accelerator’s Go Mobile module it revolutionised our business. We call it your workshop in your pocket.
    Steve Gilboy
    George Moore

    Harry Moore Commercials

    We have been using Accelerator for 11 years, its helped us go from being a small workshop to having over half a dozen admins.
    George Moore
    Ryan Flockhart

    Phoenix Truck & Trailer

    Accelerator gives you control over everything. That control is so important. With Accelerator, nothing can be lost or missed or forgotten about.
    Ryan Flockhart
    Michael Hodgson Jr

    Micra Truck Bodies Ltd

    Accelerator puts everyone’s mind in one place. We couldn't live without it!
    Michael Hodgson Jr
    Peter Hodson

    Jack Hodson Ltd

    Accelerator has been our system of choice for over 16 years. It controls how we build and equip hard core specialist vehicles to the very best quality and standard.
    Peter Hodson

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