We’ve helped fleets and workshops save time and money, but don’t just take our word for it. Here's what our Accelerator customers think.

Jack Richards & Son

"Going digital with Accelerator enabled us to set up a profit and loss directly linked to accounts, remove paperwork, significantly improve workflow and grab full control of the UK fleet. No turning back, it was the best decision we could have made." 

Dominic Purslow, General Manager, Jack Richards and Son

Harry Moore Commercials

"As we have increased in size over the years, it would have been impossible for us to keep using the systems we used to have in place. Accelerator has helped us manage our expansion. It makes running the company and keeping our customers happy so much easier and less time consuming." 

George Moore, Managing Director, Harry Moore Commercials

DC Merrett & Co Ltd

"Having worked with Accelerator in the past when I started with DC Merrett I was happy to recommend Accelerator for our new system. When I made the initial call for a demo they remembered who I was which was nice.

Whilst the team at Accelerator were setting things up on our server, I was getting all the information ready for them to upload. If I had any questions on how the data needed to be entered they were always on hand to help.

We all had training in the office which was well delivered and again no question was a silly question! The engineer then had their training on Go Mobile again this was presented very well.

Accelerator has streamlined the way we all work here at D.C Merrett & Company Ltd. With all engineers using GoMobile for clocking on & off jobs this means all their time is allocated, booking parts direct to jobs so nothing is missed when it comes to Invoicing. To even be able to invoice the same day!

Our engineers like that they no longer have to write anything and completing inspection sheets is much easier.

We at DC Merrett would highly recommend Accelerator for your workshop system and the whole team is very supportive."

Nick Fennell, Workshop Manager, DC Merrett & Co Ltd


What do our customers say?

Having gone digital with Accelerator, we can now manage much better as we have all the information needed to run a more efficient and cost-effective business.

Fagan & Whalley
Adam Burgess - Fagan & Whalley

Fleet Engineering Manager

We are proud to work with the Accelerator team and appreciated their full support that helped us to become the first firm in Scotland to achieve DVSA Earned Recognition.

Ferguson Transport
Jill Ferguson - Ferguson Transport

Workshop Manager

By introducing Accelerator’s Go Mobile module it revolutionised our business. We call it your fleet and workshop in your pocket.

APM Commercials
Steve Gilboy - APM Commercials


Accelerator has been our system of choice for over 16 years. It controls how we build and equip our hard core specialist vehicles.

Jack Hodson Ltd
Peter Hodson - Jack Hodson Ltd


Accelerator just gives you control over everything. That control is so important. With Accelerator, nothing can be lost or missed or forgotten about – it is all on the system and there is a trail for everything.

Phoenix Truck & Trailer
Jill Flockhart - Phoenix Truck & Trailer 

Managing Director

Once you start using it, it’s so straightforward. Once you have the information in the system, it takes seconds to call it up. The accounts side is so easy and it can be used for all aspects of what we do here – fleet maintenance, stock, workshop, vehicle hire.

Scammell Commercials
Neil Livermore - Scammell Commercials


Back in the old days, it was very easy to make mistakes on a time consuming, paper based system.

Accelerator has completely streamlined our workshop, body shop and hire departmental operations. Any bookings and information required on a day to day basis are all there at our fingertips, enabling a smoother running of the business.

The staff at Accelerator are all very friendly and professional, and we have had the pleasure of working with them for over 10 years now.

Phoenix Truck & Trailer
Jay Peermahomud - M6 Group

Finance Manager

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