Advantages to digital driver checks

As an essential job that is repeated before every journey your reputation depends on Drivers Checks being done correctly and accurately to maintain the standards that your business reputation depends on.

But how to you track them? Check that the driver is actually walking around the vehicle to do the checks? Upload the information recorded into your Fleet Management system?

Are you using lots of paper? Getting vehicles taken onto the road when they have outstanding faults or should have been issued with a VOR status?

Fleet of vehicles

Some advantages of Digital Drivers Checks for your Vehicle Assignment and Walkaround Checks are:

  • Drivers can carry out checks using a phone or tablet.
  • Images or videos can be added to the check.
  • It eliminates the need for paper.
  • Digital Checks record the distance the driver has moved around the vehicle to confirm the check has been done thoroughly.
  • Reported defects can be scheduled in for maintenance.
  • It links to Accelerator Fleet and Management System so there is no need to re-enter the information.

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