The importance of Workshop Management Software

Workshop management software is a tool that helps workshop owners and managers efficiently and effectively run their businesses. It offers a range of features that can help with everything from scheduling and managing jobs to managing stock and invoicing customers.

Scheduling and managing jobs

One of the key issues that Accelerator Fleet & Workshop software solves is the challenge of scheduling and managing jobs.

In a busy workshop, there are often multiple jobs to be completed. Manually coordinating and tracking all these jobs can be a daunting task, and it is easy for important details to get lost. 

Accelerator Fleet & Workshop software provides an easy-to-use platform for organising and tracking jobs, allowing workshop owners and managers to see immediately which jobs are scheduled, which are in progress, and which are completed.

Stock & inventory management

Another issue that Accelerator Fleet & Workshop software addresses is stock management. In a workshop, it is important to keep track of the stock and materials that are on hand, as well as those that need to be ordered. 

Without a system in place, it can be difficult to ensure that you have the right supplies available when you need them. 

Accelerator Fleet & Workshop software offers a central location for tracking inventory, making it easy to see what is in stock, what needs to be ordered, and what has been used in a particular job and the vehicle it was fitted to.

Getting paid what you're owed

In addition to these benefits, Accelerator Fleet & Workshop software also helps with invoicing and payment processing. 

In a workshop, it is important to be able to generate invoices quickly and easily for customers, to ensure that you are getting paid for the work you have completed. 

Accelerator Fleet & Workshop software provides a streamlined process for invoicing with direct links to Sage and Exchequer accounting software.

How can we help?

Accelerator Fleet & Workshop software will provide several modules to assist in streamlining a busy workshop. These modules are:

  • Workshop - Create vehicle reminders to appear in the vehicle schedule ready for booking to the service desk. This part of the module can be used for forward planning internal and customer compliance schedules. In addition to facilitating pro-active forward planning schedules the workshop is also re-active and can be used to book emergency work and last-minute jobs direct to the service desk. With facilities such as technician assignment and attached inspections it ensures all labour is completed and costs are recorded.
  • Stock - With a built-in stock module keep track of your purchase orders and the date you are expecting to receive deliveries. Easily book delivered items in via Goods In. If a specialist item is required for a particular job, a purchase order can be raised direct from the job detail ensuring that the part is allocated as soon as it is received. The stock module has features that enable it to be used for storeroom management, one off parts and the ability to create parts kits from the existing stock entries.
  • Administration - The driving force behind Accelerator. From this module you can create Company Details for documentation, Inspection Templates and Vehicle Axles. Add and remove job codes and reminder types and keep control of all your descriptions for Asset Details, Email Templates and Letter Templates as well as the standard settings for maintaining the Accelerator Fleet & Workshop software.
  • Finance - The financial module enables accounts and administrators to quickly raise sales invoices and email them to customers. Purchase invoices can be raised direct from the Purchase Order. Both sale and purchase invoices can be consolidated to display multiple jobs or purchase order details. The financial module is also equipped with sale and purchase credit note functionality.
  • Go Mobile - Providing digital job cards & inspections. This reduces the need for administrators to key in labour details, inspection faults and repairs enabling them to complete jobs and get invoices out quicker. In addition to the digital cards and inspections, there is also a module that allows storeroom managers to complete stock takes and process goods in.

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