Jack Richards goes digital with Accelerator

When Jack Richards and Son first came to talk to the Accelerator Fleet and Workshop Software team back in 2016, they were using an old system to manage their fleet maintenance. This was proving to be slow, clunky and still involved a full manual paper work system to back it up.

They wanted to prepare themselves for a new digital future with a fully integrated system that would eliminate paper and get their workflows more streamlined and efficient. They also had a plan to prepare the business to implement mobile working for their technicians, drivers and workshop staff, so that everyone could benefit and save wasted time from having to rekey paper job sheets and inspections.

In the fast lane

Accelerator was chosen for a number of key reasons. Being one of the most comprehensive systems on the market, it offered a fully integrated set of modules and features in one proven system that would also link to their accounts seamlessly for posting and financial information.

In fact, Accelerator included everything, document links, driver information, workshop scheduling, inspections, reminders scheduling, full stock control, and parts purchasing and invoicing.

Accelerator was also able to offer multiple depots to cover their nationwide coverage. One key requirement that the workshop management insisted on was that they would get direct support from the Accelerator team and would be able to add new developments as their requirements changed. They also wanted to be future-proofed and asked for cast-iron assurances that Accelerator would continue to be able to offer new modules and services as they continued to expand their already successful freight operations.

Six years on, Jack Richards have everything they need, including a strong dynamic partnership with Accelerator allowing them access to new developments and modules to achieve continuous improvements to their business efficiencies and lower costs.

A solution for every customer

Accelerator includes everything our customers have asked us for in the last 28 years with comprehensive vehicle details and document links, reminders, workshop scheduling, defects and unlimited inspection templates, parts inventory management, purchasing and sales invoicing - in fact, everything that you would need to run these types of businesses.

Accelerator also has other optional add in modules such as, equipment, plant, hire, fixed price maintenance, recovery, ATF lanes, type approval, tyres, fuel import, haulage and web parts counter sales and more recently Earned Recognition.

Get smart - Go Mobile

As more mobile working becomes the norm, we launched our Go Mobile web portals. Go Mobile offers customers the perfect paperless environment to see their vehicles details, service history, inspections and other data. 

Technicians can access their work either remotely from their service vans or in the workshop to fill in work completed and timesheets as well as parts fitted and inspections. Vendors can be given access to enter inspections and job details directly into Accelerator.

Drivers can do their checks and report defects before and during their daily work, they can also see the full vehicle history at the roadside in real time should they be called to provide this evidence.

So whatever types of vehicles, equipment or other assets you run or maintain Accelerator with Go Mobile can really help you to go paperless and improve your business. Last of all, what is the point of a good system unless it has fantastic support from real people when you need them most?

For more information: Give us a call on 0844 375 4315 or email sales@technopoly.uk